Our goals

The objectives of the Association:

1. ensure superior and talented students who are unable materially different stages of education.
2. disseminate educational awareness among the members of the Egyptian society and the Arab world.
3. linking theory and practice through the blending of Education professors of academic expertise and field experience for teachers and staff to the field of education.
4. provide an integrated educational experience in which all branches and disciplines of pedagogy are mixed in order to serve the reality of education in educational institutions Arabic.
5. provide all services in the field of research and educational studies to researchers Egyptians and Arabs and scholars.
6. provide advice and technical support for all educational institutions and institutions working in the field of research and studies educational,
7. Participation in the development of education projects on the Egyptian and Arab levels.
8. participation in the production and development of programs and curricula of education of any Arab point of educational or pedagogical.
9. Design and implementation of training programs in the fields of education, education, education, information technology who wish to educational institutions or educated individuals.
10. translator of scientific and publishing in all its forms in the field of education.
11. Participate in the development of quality education systems, and monitor the implementation of those systems and public and private institutions of education.

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