Literacy and Adult Education


About the program:

The problem of illiteracy and a national obsession haunts Planners, and adversely affect the output of the development plans. Therefore, this program seeks to provide a number of studies and El provide a model of the village educated in the field of literacy in the member Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States countries, it aims to develop work in literacy programs. And responding “educated village” for the challenges of the times, which the Arab rights paid to move aggressively to catch up with the progress of civilization, which became the decisive issue in his life project. Hence, it should make the development of comprehensive concept, based on the scientific bases for the bombing of human energies and capabilities in all areas of life.

Program Goals :

To create a model for cultural literacy (in alphabetical, cultural, social, environmental, technical, medical, religious, etc. ..) in all Member States of the Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf states.

Contribute to the reduction of the illiteracy rates in the members of the Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf states.

Expand the concept of literacy circle to include other aspects of life that contributes to the perception of literacy comprehensive concept.

Activating the role of the local community to contribute to adult education and literacy programs.

Implementation of some adult education and literacy programs through self-education and distance learning methods within the framework of the concept of education for all.

The development of senior leadership capabilities in the field of adult education in the Member States and increase efficiency.


The march of literacy and adult education in the Arab Gulf states –1,403

Teacher literacy in the Arab Gulf states: selected and prepared and trained –1,414

Literacy Gulf Arab programs: Evaluation Study –1,416

Adult education and continuing education: the concept and the characteristics and applications –1,423

Educated as a village project executive guide –

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